Digging deeper

Nature Community, South Germany, Aug 1-7

An immersive community experience with daytime intensives, workshops and offerings and evening events exploring our relationship to ourselves and each other through movement, art, touch, kink, dance and nature.

We’re excited to invite you to the next Touch&Play Festival in Germany!

Digging Deeper

After having reclaimed T&P’s European roots last year, we now plan to take our growing community on an immersive journey towards the core of our practices, our inner selves, our relationships and the centre of the earth.


This year we will dance, explore and play close to the Czech border in a luxury retreat centre surrounded by lush nature and hosted by a community that fully supports our work and values.


" We're super excited to bring you these and more offerings. We can’t wait to dance and play with you all! "

T&P Germany curators

Dany, Katya and Ulli


In 2010, Touch&Play organized its first festival in Berlin, Germany. It aimed to explore the ‘Chemistry in Contact’ and to create a safe and inspiring space to invite our emotions, sexualities, body politics and power dynamics into the dances. Touch&Play has been travelling and growing and has come back to its roots.

CI, Somatics & Dance

Nature, Conscious Sexuality & Spirituality

Boundaries, Consent & Power

Tribe, Inclusivity & Sustainable Living

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”  Margaret J. Wheatley